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Massage Service By The Pool

At Bunwin Boutique Spa, we offer a variety of massage therapies, body and facial treatments, waxing and nail care, all performed by our specially trained spa therapists. Set in a peaceful and quiet street, our spa consists of six cozy treatment rooms in the heart of the town. Bunwin Boutique is a relaxing, comfortable, family owned retreat and provides a Day Spa which is ideal after a long day at the historic Angkor temples.

Foot Massage Room
Bunwin boutique spa was created in 2012 after discovering that good spa facilities were only available in costly five star hotels. Our objective was to provide an excellent day spa service and we have tried to create a calm and comfortable environment, with a personal and relaxing atmosphere. Since our opening, we have strived to develop and maintain our own exacting standards. Our staff are professionally trained and qualified and use only the highest quality natural products.
Spa Room
Khmer women have trained with us. Our philosophy has always been to give hardworking and deserving women an opportunity to learn a specialized skill. This has been proven in the way they dedicate themselves to their art and help contribute to the friendly and efficient service provided by Bunwin boutique spa today.
Massage By The Pool
 We thank and whom we always aim to provide the best possible service we can.
Tel:+85563 969 158 
Webs: www.bunwinboutique.com 


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